Anti-wrinkle Injection

Botox®– Allergan

▷BOTOX for wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet, plus muscle slimming, excessive sweating, etc.

BOTOX relaxes and mitigates the wrinkles produced through excessive contraction of facial expression muscles.
BOTOX suppresses muscle hypertrophy and redundant gland activity and is, thus, effective in the creation of a tight and slim facial contour, the reduction of muscle volume, and the treatment of hyperhidrosis.
The special Microbotox (BOTOX Lift) technique, through which the skin becomes tighter and more beautiful, is available in our clinic.

Your doctor will advise as to where the injection should be administered after carefully examining the movement of your face. Location, size and use of the muscles that cause a furrowed brow differ from person to person. Botox does not require anesthesia although the doctor will numb the area with a cold pack or an anesthetic cream prior to treatment. Discomfort is minimal and extremely brief.

We use the Allergan’s safe and effective BOTOX for all the botulinum toxin procedures.

BOTOX – Allergan

Wrinkle Treatment- Forehead –¥27,500
Wrinkle Treatment- Frown line –¥25,300
Wrinkle Treatment- Forehead + Frown line –¥34,100
Wrinkle Treatment- Crow’s feet –¥28,600
Wrinkle Treatment- Bunny line –¥16,500
Gummy Smile¥16,500
Lifting the Angle of Mouth¥16,500
Wrinkle Treatment- Around the mouth –¥16,500
Upper lip wrinkles¥16,500
This is effective for nasal alar reduction and is recommended for patients with developed nostril muscles.
This is not an injection, but an infusion.
Jaw-Reduction Standard¥48,400
Jaw-Reduction Special¥69,300
Muscle Stiffness Standard¥82,500
Muscle Stiffness Special¥137,500
Calf-Reduction Standard¥82,500
Calf-Reduction Special¥137,500
Excessive Sweating¥72,600
Touch-up Light ¥4,400
Touch-up Standard ¥8,800
Touch-up Special ¥22,000
Touch-up Super¥36,300
*Touch-up : The botox touch-up session is valid within one month after the regular botox treatment. It is available for one time only.
*Please inquire of our doctor Botox Touch-up menu during consultation.

〈Side effects/Risks〉
Pain at the injection site, swelling, bruising, too strong effect, asymmetrical finish, allergic reaction etc…
※We also offer treatments to reduce the effect of BOTOX.


Microbotox is a special technique that enables the injection of multiple microdroplets of precisely diluted BOTOX. The Microbotox method, also known as BOTOX Lift, was pioneered in and has been developed since 2001 by the renowned Singaporean plastic surgeon Dr.Woffles Wu. Microbotox is injected into the dermis or interface between the dermis and the superficial layer of facial muscles.
Whereas traditional BOTOX prevents the entire muscle from contracting, Microbotox relaxes only the upper part of the muscle, thereby allowing natural facial expression. Making the skin compact, Microbotox not only modifies sweat and sebaceous gland activity to improve skin texture and sheen but also reduces inflammation, scars and pigmentations.

Microbotox Wrinkle Treatment

1 cc x 1 syringe
Required to cover the area of the size of 1 hand
1 cc x 2 syringes
Required to cover the area of the size of 2 hands
1 cc x 3 syringes
Required to cover the whole face or face line.

Microbotox Scar Treatment


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