Derma Shine

Derma Shine
Multi-Mesotherapy Injector

Derma Shine treatment is a systematic and accurate method of mesotherapy injection that produces fresh and radiant skin. Using a carefully designed compound solution of non-crosslinked Hyaluronic acid, Botox, and stem cell growth factor complex, Derma Shine treatment improves skin texture by enhancing its translucence and firmness and rejuvenating its resilience with intense hydration.

▷Derma Shine is being used for the face, neck, under the chin, etc.

Derma Shine

▷Highly recommended treatment.Tailored and filled for your needs.

 1 session3 session tickets6 session tickets
Standard (SD) First Treatment
Hyaluronic acid (Redensity) +Botox
+Bio-Stem CM +brightening serum,etc. 3cc
Standard (SD)
Hyaluronic acid (Redensity) +Botox
+Bio-Stem CM +brightening serum,etc. 3cc
(1 session ¥36,575)
(1 session ¥34,650)
Special (SP)
Hyaluronic acid (Redensity) +Botox
+Bio-Stem CM +brightening serum,etc. 6cc
(1 session ¥62,700)
(1 session ¥59,400)

Features of Derma Shine

・Pain is minimized by the use of special automated micro-needles that are smoothly and precisely inserted into the skin with the aspiration system.
・A precise amount, at an exact depth, of the solution is infused from the needles.
・No long-term recovery time is required.

Effects of Derma Shine

Moisturizes and increases the elasticity of the skin
Improves the quality and rejuvenates the skin
Results in brighter and more beautiful skin
Reduces fine wrinkles, pore size, and tightens the skin

French Shot Mesotherapy

French Shot Mesotherapy

French Shot Mesotherapy¥66,000