Face Lift-up

Ultra V Lift

Ultra V Lift is the latest treatment for lifting the face. Very thin threads (PDS), inserted beneath the skin, stimulate subcutaneous tissue and collagen production. The PDS are the same as those used in blood vessel connective surgery and are therefore totally safe. In addition to being quite effective against sagging skin, the Ultra V Lift also makes skin look smooth and silky.
Following the treatment, needle marks may remain for a few days but can be easily disguised by make-up concealer.
As there is no pain or recovery time, this treatment is recommended for those who are unable to take time out from work and other daily activities. It is ideal for those who prefer to keep their treatment unknown to others.

Ultra V Lift

50 threads¥110,000
100 threads¥165,000
150 threads¥198,000
200 threads¥220,000
Additional 50 threads (within one year)¥99,000
Additional 100 threads (within one year)¥148,500
Additional 150 threads (within one year)¥178,200
Additional 200 threads (within one year)¥198,000

〈Side effects/Risks〉
Redness, swelling, bruising, thread escape after procedure




Lift-up Laser(Face)

Lift-up Laser (Face)

Under the chin 1 part¥66,000
Cheeks 2 parts¥132,000
Under the chin + Cheeks 3parts¥198,000

Pain relief anesthesia (sedation) by an anesthesiology specialist


〈Side effects/Risks〉
Swelling, bruising, sensation of heat, contractures, lumps, infections, fat emboli, bumps, hematomas, seromas (xeromas), skin tugging, muscle damage, temporary dysesthesia in the treated area, pigmentation in the cannula insertion area, anaphylactic symptoms due to anesthesia, and postoperative dizziness or lightheadedness