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Saxenda® (human GLP-1 analogue) Weight-loss Injection

Saxenda, produced by Novo Nordisk Inc., is a weight loss injectable medicine which acts upon GLP-1 receptors in the brain to help control appetite and reduce weight. GLP-1 exists naturally in the human body and is classed as a weight-loss hormone. Secreted from the small intestine via food intake, GLP-1 suppresses both the appetite and blood sugar levels.
Those who have a low GLP-1 secretion level tend to digest and absorb food quickly and to have a low awareness of stomach fullness. Such factors may contribute to overeating. With a high GLP-1 secretion level, food digestion and absorption tend to be moderate, stomach fullness is more apparent and the metabolic rate faster; overeating is unlikely to occur.
Self-injecting Saxenda will promote GLP-1 secretion increase, suppress appetite and reduce weight: It also contributes to decreasing insulin resistance. Some obesity medicines require a fixed interval due to dependence and resistance, but Saxenda does not require such suspension.

Major effects of Saxenda

  • Suppresses appetite.
  • Moderates digestion and maintains stomach fullness.
  • Increases body metabolism and promotes fat dissolution.
  • Prevents and treats Diabetes mellitus.
  • Affects promising improvements for lifestyle-related diseases.
1syringe (for 30 days)¥27,170
Including 30 needles and alcohol disinfectant

<Side effects/risks>
Nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, loss of appetite, fatigue, etc. Nausea is a frequent side effect. It will usually decrease gradually with continued use.

Appetite suppressant pills

This diet medication suppresses your appetite by making you feel full faster. Appetite suppressant pills promote the metabolic system and help your energy consumption level increase.
If your obesity rate is more than 35 of BMI, we can give you a prescription.
A consultation is required for a prescription.

[Intake per day] 1 tablet

BMI 35
Height (cm)Weight (kg)
Appetite suppressant pills
1 tablet¥550
14 tablets-2 weeks-¥7,150


L-Carnitine and L-Tartrate are the biosynthesized nutrients from amino acids which naturally occur in the skeletal and cardiac muscles in the human body.  Some studies report that these compounds can promote healthy fat metabolism by using fatty acids as fuel.

Recommended amount of intake per day : 2 tablets
・More effective for weight loss if you take 4 tablets per day
・Recommended taking them on am empty stomach and/or before exercising

L-Carnitine 1 capsule 250 mg
1 bottle(60 capsules )¥3,240


Drink type

DrinkMix 7 packages/ 1 Box¥8,640