Facial Contouring Injection

Mesotherapy Injection (Fat dissolving injection)

Mesotherapy is a partial slimming injection. Active ingredients such as tiratricol and L-carnitine, which are effective in decomposing and excreting subcutaneous fat, are injected into the desired area.

Anesthetic cream and tailored injection techniques minimize discomfort and ultrasonic massage is provided after the treatment to enhance the effectiveness. Multiple treatments are recommended to achieve your ideal look.

Mesotherapy Injection (Fat dissolving injection)

FACE1 session3 sessions6 sessions
1 Syringe ¥5,500¥15,675
(1 session ¥5,225)
(1 session ¥4,950)
Anesthetic cream¥1,100

Treatment interval: 2 to 3 weeks (Other areas can be treated after 1 week)

<Side effects/risks>

Temporary swelling, bruise, pain, etc.

FatX Core (Fat dissolving injection)

FatX Core, a fat dissolving injection, is a safe treatment which contains FDA approved ingredient “deoxycholic acid”. Because it has the highest concentration of deoxycholic acid compared to other fat dissolving injections, fewer sessions are required to achieve greater effect. Deoxycholic acid decomposes fat then, breaks down and eliminates fat cell membranes which leads to decreasing the possibility of regaining weight.

It’s also able to prevent laxity of skin after fat dissolving due to the “skin-remodeling” which leads to fibrosis and collagen synthesis in the subcutaneous layer.

FatX Core (Fat dissolving injection)


Treatment interval: Once a month

<Side effects/risks

Pain, redness, tenderness, swelling (decreases after 2-3 days)

MLM (Face slimming injection)

MLM is the facial slimming injection which mainly contains Spanish medical herbs – saponin, rockweed, tyrosine, alpha-linoleic acid, etc. Those active ingredients decompose unnecessary fat and promote lymphatic flow resulting in V-shaped face with minimal side effects. A periodic treatment enables dramatic facial contour changes and skin texture improvement. Injections are given directly into the cheek area, face line, and under the chin.

※MLM is a registered trademark of IRYOKI Medical Device Japan Inc.

<Risks and side effects

Redness, bruise, etc.

MLM (Face slimming injection)

1 session¥55,000
3 sessions¥132,000
(1 session ¥44,000)
6 sessions¥231,000
(1 session ¥38,500)

〈Side effects/Risks〉
Redness, bruising etc.