Medical Laser Hair Removal

Medical Laser Hair Removal


Valid for 1 session price, and only on the day of visit.
Package (voucher) discounts are not available.


In our safe medical surroundings, we offer effective hair removal treatments with multiple state-of-the-art Laser machines approved by the FDA. These Laser machines provide successful treatment for patients regardless of skin type (fair or dark and also tanned) and kind of hair (thick and course to fine lighter hair, including blond).


Characteristics of Laser Hair Removal at Le Coquelicot

・Careful in-depth pre-treatment consultation
Final check and aftercare
・Use of anesthetic cream in the case of sensitive skin
・Provision of permanent hair removal within a short period of time
・4 different types of devices for treating all kinds of hair
・Effective for all skin types
・Discounts offered for multiple parts/packages with straight-forward pricing.


New Laser Hair Removal at Ginza Coquelicot Clinic

Since the launch of our Clinic in 2005, we have offered high-quality laser treatments to many patients. Unfortunately, in the past, the removal of fuzzy, blond and grey hair was impossible. However, by staying abreast of advances in hair removal laser technology, Coquelicot Clinic can now provide these removal treatments. Our latest machines bring the added bonus that efficacy is no longer affected by the hair growth cycle or darkness of the skin and previous experience of pain is very much reduced.



Payment for hair removal treatments is by tickets to meet the needs of patients wishing to have short-term intervals between treatments, who are due to leave Japan within a year, who take frequent business trips and those who travel long distances to visit our clinic.

Single trial sessions are available. 3-6 sessions are required to reduce hair thickness from coarse to fine.
Up to 12 sessions are needed for blond fine light hair color and for cases of excessive hair regrowth.
Based on your needs, you can choose the amount of sessions.

Cancellation on the day of appointment will result in the charging of a fee of 10% of the total cost of the procedure.


Area1 session3 sessions6 sessions12 sessions
Whole arms (fingers to upper arms)¥25,000¥66,000¥114,000¥192,000
Whole legs (toes to thighs)¥40,000¥105,000¥180,000¥300,000
Bikini line and underarms¥15,000¥39,000¥66,000¥108,000
Chest and abdomen¥28,000¥75,000¥132,000¥228,000
Whole back and buttocks¥40,000¥105,000¥180,000¥300,000
Lower face + Under the chin¥18,000¥46,000¥78,000¥126,000
Bikini line¥8,000¥21,000¥36,000¥60,000
Around the Ears¥10,000¥27,000¥48,000¥84,000
Upper lip (Under the nose)¥6,000¥15,000¥26,000¥43,000
Lip area¥10,000¥27,000¥48,000¥84,000
Under the chin¥12,000¥33,000¥60,000¥108,000
Lower face¥15,000¥40,000¥72,000¥126,000
Full face¥20,000¥52,000¥90,000¥150,000
Neck (front)¥10,000¥27,000¥48,000¥84,000
Neck (back)¥12,000¥32,000¥57,000¥100,000
Chest *including areola¥15,000¥40,000¥72,000¥126,000
Areola (nipple area)¥12,000¥31,000¥54,000¥90,000
Upper arms *including Elbows¥10,000¥27,000¥48,000¥84,000
Forearms *including Elbows¥15,000¥40,500¥72,000¥126,000
Whole back¥35,000¥93,000¥162,000¥276,000
Upper back¥20,000¥54,000¥96,000¥168,000
Lower back¥15,000¥39,000¥66,000¥108,000
Upper/lower back or chest price+
Bellybutton area¥6,000¥16,000¥30,000¥54,000
Under the bellybutton¥6,000¥16,000¥30,000¥54,000
Bellybutton area + Under the bellybutton¥8,000¥21,000¥36,000¥60,000
Knees – Thighs or Lower legs price +¥6,000¥16,000¥30,000¥54,000
Lower legs¥25,000¥66,000¥114,000¥192,000
 1 session
Bikini line
+Genital and perianal area (female)
Genital and perianal area (female)¥20,000
Genital area (I Line) female¥12,000
Perianal area (O Line) female¥10,000
Genital area (I Line) male¥15,000
Perianal area (O Line) male¥15,000
1 shot 1 cm×1 cm Lightsheer¥1,000
Soprano HR mode 1.4 cm×1.4 cm¥1,200
Soprano SHR mode 10 cm×15 cm¥10,000
YAG Laser 2 mm¥2,000
Shaving A4 size¥1,000
Anesthetic cream A4 size¥1,000
Designated nurse charge 1 hour¥540
Designated nurse charge 2 hours¥810
Designated nurse charge 3 hours¥1,080

※Ticket Expiration Date
3 sessions: 6 months  / 6 sessions: 1 year /  12 sessions: 2 years




Cancellation or change of ticket use cannot be accepted after purchase.
Laser Hair Removal tickets are not refundable under any circumstances.
Cancellation on the day of appointment will result in the charging of a fee of 10% of the total cost of the procedure.

*As Laser hair removal is one of our most popular treatments and performed by well-trained nurses, patients who repeatedly cancel their appointments may be charged a cancellation fee.
The maximum time required per individual treatment is 3 hours.Thank you for your cooperation.