Hair Growth Treatment

Hair growth treatment for thinning hair

Our Clinic provides a safe and effective hair growth treatment with minimal pain and no downtime, using stem cell growth factor complex (top clear layer of culture media) as a core principal ingredient, various drugs with a balanced cocktail of vitamins and minerals that can adjust the condition of the scalp, promoting the hair growth.
We use the non-needle injection machine called MESO JET, made in Canada.
The machine which employs the pressure force of carbon dioxide gas, provides a small aperture of 0.03mm in diameter, allowing the solution to be absorbed in the scalp and promote hair growth.


Hair growth treatment for thinning hair

1 session3 sessions6 sessions
1 syringe/
1 session
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<Side Effects/Risks>
Itching, redness, temporary initial hair loss

Propecia (Oral medicine)

Propecia is an FDA-approved prescription drug that treats male pattern hair loss on the vertex (crown) and anterior mid scalp (middle front of the head). It is antagonistic to (blocks) Dihydrotestosterone which inhibits hair growth.


0.2 mg 28 tablets per box¥8,800
1 mg 28 tablets per box¥8,800

<Side effects/risks>
Liver dysfunction, hypersensitivity, genital organ damage, liver damage, temporary initial hair loss

Do not take this product if you have a history of hypersensitivity, if you have liver function disorder, or if you are a child.

Viviscal Professional

Viviscal Professional, containing the proprietary marine-origin ingredient known as AminoMar, is the dietary supplement for hair growth.
Long term research into the food and nutrition of the Inuit people of Scandinavia, identified and isolated AminoMar as the essential and key protein complex for ‘rich hair and beautiful skin.’ Viviscal Professional also includes procyandin B2, known as apple polyphenol, and Biotin (vitamin B7) which promote absorption and boost regeneration of amino acid.
Scalp hair has its own growth cycle comprising of the phases of anagen (the active period when cells in the roots divide rapidly; catagen (the transition stage); and telogen (the resting time). Viviscal Professional helps prolong the active anagen phase and so increases the individual number of healthy hairs produced, and decreases shedding and tapering. The beneficial effects of Viviscal Professional become apparent within approximately three to six months of continuous use.

Viviscal Professional

60 tablets per box¥11,880

<Side Effects/Risks>
Since marine protein is the main ingredient, people with allergies to seafood may experience allergic symptoms.

Dualgen-15 (Minoxidil 15%)

Dualgen-15 NO PG

Dualgen – 15 ( Highly concentrated Minoxidil)
Dualgen -15 has the highest strength of FDA-approved hair growth stimulator (minoxidil), DHT blocker (5% azelaic acid), minoxidil enhancer (0.025% retinol), and hair follicle stimulator (0.001% caffine). It is Propylene Glycol free.


1 bottle (1 cc per dose, once a day for 60 days)¥11,000

<Side Effects/Risks>
Redness, rash, itching, dermatitis, hypertrichosis

Men’s Rogaine (Minoxidil5%)

Rogaine is the only FDA-approved topical brand that regrows hair. In tests when used twice daily and over a period of 4 months, Rogaine Foam regrew hair in 85% of men. It is easily applied and dries quickly.

Men’s Rogaine

1 bottle 60g¥6,160
60 g×3 bottles/1 box¥17,600

<Side effects and risks>
Itchy scalp, rash, inflammation, redness, temporary initial hair loss, swelling, palpitations and dizziness, hypertrichosis

Consult a physician if you have high or low blood pressure or heart or kidney disease.

Women’s Rogaine(Minoxidil 2%)

Rogaine contains minoxidil, the only FDR-approved ingredient clinically proven to regrow hair. Minoxidil penetrates into the scalp to stimulate hair follicles and regrow hair. Rogaine also stops the progression of genetic hair loss.

Women’s Rogaine

Women’s Rogaine
1 bottle 30 ml¥4,400
60 ml×3 sets¥22,000

<Side effects and risks>
Consult a physician if you have high or low blood pressure, heart or kidney disease.


Pantogar® is a highly effective treatment for women’s diffuse hair loss and hair structure lesions. Through cellular metabolism and with its special combination of amino acids, proteins and B group vitamins, Pantogar® provides hair with the nutrients necessary for growth and development of a firm and elastic structure.


1 Box¥9,900

<Side effects/risks>
Itchy skin, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, diarrhea, abdominal pain, dizziness, headache, palpitations
Consult a physician if taking this product with sulfonamides.

Pantogar® Shampoo & Tonic

We recommend the complementary use of the Pantogar® Shampoo and Pantogar® Tonic for women as well as for men.

For ideal results a usage of minimum 3 months is recommended. All of the products are suitable for daily use and every type of hair.

Pantogar® Shampoo and Pantogar® Tonic for men

The new Pantogar® Shampoo and Pantogar® Tonic for men are specially designed for male hair loss caused mainly by excessive production of the male hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosteron). With the special Pantogar® Growtect Formula for men, hair roots are activated*1 and the hair becomes stronger and thicker.

Pantogar® Anti hair loss shampoo for men

The shampoo consists of the special Procapil™ anti hair loss complex with caffeine and B vitamins. With a regular application of the effective caffeine shampoo, the microcirculation of the scalp can be improved*1 – leading to a better nourishment of the hair roots and reduced hair loss.

Pantogar® Anti hair loss tonic for men
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The leave-in hair tonic consists of an even higher concentration of the effective Pantogar® Growtect Formula for the activation of hair roots.1 Next to caffeine, the special ingredient Procapil reduces hair loss and improves the resistance of hair*3. The tonic has a pleasant smell and doesn’t leave any visible residues on the hair and scalp. After applying the leave-in treatment, you may style your hair in the usual way.

Pantogar® Shampoo and Pantogar® Tonic for men

Pantogar Shampoo for men¥6,600
Pantogar Tonic for men¥7,260
Pantogar® Shampoo and Pantogar® Tonic for women

The new Pantogar® Shampoo and Pantogar® Tonic for women are specially designed for female hair loss and consist of the effective Pantogar® Growtect Formula, activating the hair roots*1 and making hair stronger and thicker.

Pantogar® Shampoo for women for healthy hair growth
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The shampoo consists of the effective anti hair loss complex with the active agents AnaGain™ as well as caffeine and B vitamins, stimulating hair growth and improving the resistance of hair as well as the overall hair quality.

Pantogar® Tonic for women for hair growth activation
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The leave-in hair tonic offers an even stronger Pantogar® Growtect Formula, combining the active agents AnaGain™, caffeine, B vitamins and Follicusan™. With a regular application, hair roots can be activated and the vitality of thehair can be restored – for reduced hair loss anddenser hair in just 3 months.*2

Pantogar® Shampoo and Pantogar® Tonic for women

Pantogar Shampoo for women¥6,600
Pantogar Tonic for women¥7,260

*1 Pantogar® Growtect Formula includes caffeine. Studies show growth-promoting effects of caffeine on human hair follicles for both women and men.

* 2 Pantogar® Growtect Formula for women contains AnaGainTM. Studies show hair-densifying effects of AnaGainTM in female hair growth.

* 3 Pantogar® Growtect Formula for men includes ProcapilTM. Studies show that ProcapilTM decelerates hair loss progress in men.