Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Model 2 sessions(First time)10%OFF on Wednesdays Until the end of June, 2024

▶Those who are available for two sessions on Wednesdays.

▶Those who are willing to provide us with pictures of the treated area.

▶Those who agree to allow us to use the pictures (treated areas only) on advertisements such as Le Coquelicot’s website or social media.

ModelWednesdays Only
2 sessions(First time)
(1session ¥59,400)
Eye line
(Top and Bottom)
(1session ¥67,815)
Eye line (Top)¥79,200
(1session ¥39,600)
Eye line (Bottom)¥79,200
(1session ¥39,600)
Lip Line¥82,830
(1session ¥41,415)
Full Lips¥132,330
(1session ¥66,165)

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic tattoo procedure, in which ink is applied directly beneath the skin (epidermis) with a specialized machine that uses needles. This treatment enables you to create fresh and vivid impressions of the eyebrows, eyes and lips without the need of cosmetics.
Although there are individual variations, the permanent makeup usually lasts several years and by cutting down on the usual morning routine and touch ups, enhances the patients’ quality of life.
Since the procedure requires special needling and is basically recognized as a medical service, the consultation and the procedure is performed by a medical professional.

Please ask if you are searching for a special treatment such as 3-dimensional tattooing.

At our clinic, previous tattoos and permanent makeup can also be removed and permanent makeup altered .

Area2 sessions (New)Touch-up
Within 2 years
2 sessions (Repeater )
Over 2 years
(1 session ¥66,000)
(1 session ¥59,400)
Eye line
(Top and Bottom)
(1 session ¥75,350)
(1 session ¥67,815)
Eye line (Top)¥88,000
(1 session ¥44,000)
(1 session ¥39,600)
Eye line (Bottom)¥88,000
(1 session ¥44,000)
(1 session ¥39,600)
Lip Line¥91,300
(1 session ¥45,650)
(1 session ¥41,415)
Full Lips¥146,300
(1 session ¥73,150)
(1 session ¥66,165)
Options1 session
Nerve Block Anesthesia(Lips) *upon request¥5,500
Designated nurse charge ¥3,300

※Fee of ointment is included.

Refer-a-friend Campaign : Permanent Makeup

▶The patients who refer their fiends to our clinic

Please choose the following ①~④.

① For each person you refer, 10% discount for the first set of two sessions of “Art Makeup” for another part.

② For each person you refer, 10% discount for one touch-up session within 2 years.

③ For each person you refer, you will receive a box of Vitamin C 2000mg.

④ For each person you refer, you will receive a box of glutathione (whitening and melanin suppression supplement)

▶Referred customers

10% discount for the first 2 sets of permanent makeup

*The acquaintance referral discount is limited to permanent makeup treatments only.