BBL HERO (mJoule)

mJoule by SCITON

mJoule is a new platform device with a powerful broadband light (BBL) from SCITON to provide multiple modules such as BBL HERO Forever Young, Skin TyteⅡ, Forever Clear BBL, BBL Body, BBL Bare etc.

Le Coquelicot introduces the state-of the -art BBL technology, BBL HERO, which SCITON launched in 2020. BBL HERO is a broadband light with the capability of High-Energy and Rapid Output (HERO) that delivers 4 times the speed, 3 times the peak power, and 2 times the cooling as the original device. mJoule with BBL HERO is a versatile laser device to treat everything from the appearance of skin aging – such as pigmentation, sunspots, photoaging, skin laxity, rosacea, vascular lesions, skin tone and texture – to acne and hair removal. mJoule from SCITON is approved by FDA.

Skin TyteⅡ Forever Young BBL HERO

Skin TyteⅡ Forever Young BBL HERO is the advanced combination treatment to reduce pigmentation and freckles as well as tighten sagging skin, and moreover improve skin tone and texture.

Skin TyteⅡ

Skin TyteⅡ is the advanced skin tightening treatment to reduce skin laxity and sagging. It utilizes infrared energy to slowly and painlessly heat the tissue up forming new collagen and remodeling current collagen. While protecting the entire treated area with a sapphire chill plate, the heat from infrared light induces the collagen and elastin fibers to shrink and tighten. This also causes controlled damage which in turn leads to promoting contraction of collagen, initiating the body’s natural healing process. Following the treatment, a new foundation of collagen and elastin is created leading to increased skin firmness.

BBL HERO Forever Young

Our treatment, BBL HERO Forever Young, removes pigmentation, sunspots, freckles, and improves skin tone and texture, utilizing a broad spectrum of wavelengths. It also enhances skin firmness and elasticity. BBL HERO provides visible complexion improvements to the top layers of skin, while working below in the dermis to promote collagen production and eliminate pigmented skin cells. BBL HERO technology can treat virtually any areas on the body, including face, neck, chest, arms and hands.

Skin TyteⅡ + BBL HERO Forever Young      〈Approximate treatment time〉 60 minutes

1 session3 sessions6 sessions
SkinTyteⅡ・Forever Young¥61,050¥164,835
(1 session ¥54,945)
(1 session ¥51,893)

BBL HERO Forever Young + Pigmented Lesions + Vascular

1 session3 sessions6 sessions
BBL HERO Forever Young
+Pigmented Lesions+Vascular
(1 session ¥34,650)
(1 session ¥32,725)

〈Treatment interval〉 every 2 to 4 weeks

〈Side effects/Risks〉
Temporary burning sensation and redness of the skin

*Pregnant, breastfeeding mothers, those with sunburn or other inflammation, and those with photosensitivity should refrain from the treatment.

*Please consult your doctor if you have a chronic disease such as severe diabetes.

*After treatment, UV protection is necessary to avoid sunburn.

Forever Clear BBL

Forever Clear BBL is effective from teens struggling with hormonal acne to adults experiencing adult-onset acne. It forms 03 steps of treatment utilizing a combination of blue, yellow and infrared light.

The first step utilizes blue light to eliminate acne-causing bacteria located deep within the skin’s pores.

The second step utilizes yellow light to reduce inflammation and acne-associated redness while preventing new breakouts.

The third step utilizes infrared light to initiate the body’s natural healing process, reduce the appearance of existing scars, and enhance the benefits of first and second steps.

An applicator with sapphire chill plate keeps the skin cool and comfortable throughout the treatment.

Forever Clear BBL

1 session3 sessions6 sessions
Forever Clear BBL¥15,400¥41,580

BBL HERO Forever Body

BBL HERO Forever Body achieves a head-to-toe youthful glow while treating sun damage, pigment, age spots and more with the fastest light-based technology. It performs full body treatments on large areas such as neck, décolletétage, arms, legs and back.

1 session3 sessions6 sessions
BBL HERO Forever Body Standard¥17,600¥47,520
(1 session¥15,840)
(1 session¥14,960)
BBL HERO Forever Body Special¥35,200¥95,040
(1 session¥31,680)
(1 session¥29,920)

【Treatment Areas】

Standard: Neck – décolletétage/ Forearms/ Upper back/ Lower back

Special: Whole arms (Shoulders to back of the hands)/ Whole back