Fat Dissolving Injection

Mesotherapy  (Fat Dissolving Injection)

Mesotherapy is a partial slimming injection. Active ingredients such as tiratricol and L-carnitine, which are effective in decomposing and excreting subcutaneous fat, are injected into the desired area.

Anesthetic cream and tailored injection techniques minimize discomfort and ultrasonic massage is provided after the treatment to enhance the effectiveness. Multiple treatments are recommended to achieve your ideal look.

Mesotherapy  Injection (Fat dissolving injection)

FACE1 session3 sessions6 sessions
1 Syringe ¥5,500¥15,675
(1 session ¥5,225)
(1 session ¥4,950)
Anesthetic cream¥1,100
BODY1 session3 sessions6 sessions
2 Syringes¥7,700¥21,945
(1 session ¥7,315)
(1 session ¥6,930)
Anesthetic cream¥1,100

Treatment interval: every 2 to 3 weeks(for different areas, an interval of 1 week is possible)

<Side effects/risks>
Temporary swelling, internal bleeding, pain, etc.

*Pregnant and lactating mothers cannot undergo the procedure.