Fat Dissolving Injection

Mesotherapy  (Fat Dissolving Injection)

The technique for the medical treatment, Mesotherapy was developed in France during the 1950s. The doctor prepares a cocktail of medication, according to individual need, and injects it just below the surface of the patient’s skin. In Japan, the treatment is mainly used to dissolve fat but it is also quite effective in eliminating cellulite, stretch marks and even in preventing hair loss. The selection of pharmaceutical ingredients depends upon the symptoms displayed and requires several sessions to achieve satisfactory results.

Mesotherapy Injection

Mesotherapy injection dissolves subcutaneous fat and speeds up metabolism; naturally flushing excess fat out of the body. Mesotherapy also lowers LDL cholesterol levels and continuation of the treatment improves fat metabolism. At Ginza Coquelicot we offer effective medicines that require shorter downtime and we provide anesthetic cream in addition to an ultrasonic massage following the treatment. The treatment is suitable for both men and women.

Mesotherapy  Injection

Price Down!

FACE1 session3 sessions6 sessions
1 Syringe ¥5,500¥15,675
(1 session ¥5,225)
(1 session ¥4,950)
Anesthetic cream¥1,100
BODY1 session3 sessions6 sessions
2 Syringes¥7,700¥21,945
(1 session ¥7,315)
(1 session ¥6,930)
Anesthetic cream¥1,100

Treatment interval: every 2 to 3 weeks(for different areas, an interval of 1 week is possible)

<Side effects/risks>
Temporary swelling, internal bleeding, pain, etc.

*Pregnant and lactating mothers cannot undergo the procedure.

*The ingredients of fat dissolving injection and hair growth injection are completely different.