Removal of Brown Spots

Removal of Brown Spots by enLIGHTen Ⅲ

PICO Laser Toning is a state-of -the -art laser technology that can pulsate at frequency of one pulse every trillionth of a second (a picosecond duration), creating energy in shock wave technique rather than intense heat. Le Coquelicot introduces Enlighten Ⅲ, produced by Cutera Inc. and approved by FDA and MHLW.


PICO Laser Toning

1 session3 sessions6 sessions
Standard (SD)¥27,500¥66,000
(1 session ¥22,000)
(1 session ¥19,250)
Special (SP)¥55,000¥132,000
(1 session ¥44,000)
(1 session ¥38,500)

Removal of Brown Spots

Diameter 0.5 cm¥5,500
Diameter 1.0 cm¥11,000
Diameter 1.5 cm¥16,500
Diameter 2.0 cm¥22,000

Care Products

Tape (S)¥350
Tape (L)¥650
Spots Cover Concealer SPF40 PA+++ 15 g¥2,200
Whitening cream hydroquinone 10 g¥3,300
Whitening cream hydroquinone stick¥5,500


  1. Anesthetic cream is applied on the area to be treated.
  2. The doctor irradiates the area with the laser.
  3. The color of the treated area becomes white in the beginning, then changes to dark red.  The dark red area turns into a scab on the same day or the next day after the treatment.
  4. The color of the scab darkens a few days after the treatment.
  5. The scab comes off by itself in about 10 days. The color of the skin will be pink after the scab has gone. (We ask patients to make another appointment during this phase).
  6. After 14 days, the treated area merges into the other area of the skin and becomes invisible.  You will need to continue using sun screen during the daytime, and some patients may need to use prescribed whitening cream at night.

Other Treatments「LimeLight」

Laser Toning

▷Treating melasma and other refractory brown spots

Laser Toning is a special skin brightening technique that suppresses the activation and secretion of melanin without harming pigment cells. A series of treatment sessions will produce a gradual but definite decrease in brown spots and blemishes. Laser Toning also effectively reduces open pores and dark circles under the eyes to provide an evenly toned and clear skin. It is available not only for melasma but also for sun-damage spots and discolorations, and post-inflammatory pigmentations (PIH).

Laser Toning

1 session3 session tickets6 session tickets
Only for spots, melasma
Full face
(1 session ¥16,500)
(1 session ¥13,200)
Full face – neck, décolleté
(1 session ¥33,000)
(1 session ¥26,400)