Fat Dissolution Laser

The PulseLipo Laser, made in Japan and specially created for designed body slimming, results in a strong and speedy dissolving of fat tissue via a fiber cannula. It emits the pulsed YAG laser beam directly to fat tissue, breaking-up and dissolving the membrane of adipose cells. To attain perfection in our clinic, we remove the dissolved fat with liposuction and subsequent Laser irradiation. This technique stimulates skin tightening onwards, avoids redundant skin, and mitigates old scars and stretch marks.


PulseLipo Laser

Unwanted fat in the body is removed by applying a laser directly to the fat tissues. The results of the treatment are noticeable over a few months after the procedure. Requiring no incision, Smart-Lipo does not incur any swelling or scaring of the treated area.


Laser Liposuction

Smart-Liposuction produces more dramatic results than the Smart-Lipo treatment; Removed fat is drawn out and eliminated. Fat tissue in the treated area will continue decreasing even after the procedure.

At Le Coquelicot four different types of Smart-Liposuction are offered, choice of which depends upon the amount of fat to be removed. During consultation, the doctor will advise as to which type of treatment is the most suitable for you.


Benefits of Smart-Lipo Laser

・Smart-Lipo Laser is safe to apply to most parts of the body.
・Less adverse effects following procedure- Less recovery time
・ Less recovery time
・Least invasive and scar-free technique
・Laser-Liposuction offers skin tightening effects.


Smart-Lipo (Body) 10 cm x 15 cm

1 part¥66,000
2 parts¥132,000
3 parts¥198,000
4 parts¥264,000


Smart-Liposuction (Body) 10 cm×15 cm

Standard Course¥88,000
Special Course¥132,000
Super Course¥165,000
Mega Course¥220,000
1 Parts 5 % OFF, 2 Parts 10 % OFF, 3 Parts 15 % OFF, 4 Parts or More 20 % OFF


Pain relief anesthesia (sedation)  Up to 4 parts. Additional fee will be charged, if it is more than 5 parts. 
sedation A (First Treatment)¥33,000
sedation A (Repeater)¥22,000
sedation B (First Treatment)¥44,000
sedation B (Repeater)¥33,000


Ultrasonic massages 
Smart-Lipo and Smart-Liposuction treatment patients are provided with two free-of-charge ultrasonic massages.
Ultrasonic massage at Le Coquelicot
(per 5 minutes)
Ultrasonic massage at other clinics
(per 5 minutes)