Removal of Warts and Moles


Removal of Warts and Moles

We offer several different removal methods: laser, radio surgery, and incision.

Our doctors will discuss your concerns during consultation and will recommend the method best suited to you. Please ask your doctor for further information.


Wart removal  (less than 3 mm in diameter)

 Per 1 wartTotal
One-Four warts¥4,400¥4,400~¥17,600
More than five warts¥3,630¥18,150~¥32,670
More than ten warts¥3,300¥33,000~

Please consult your attending doctor in person regarding warts of 4mm or more in diameter. For such, the same prices apply as for mole removal – see below.For warts of 10 mm or more in diameter, an incision operation will be performed.

*No guarantee period is offered for the wart removal procedure.



Mole removal

 Per moleTotal
1-3 mm  diameter
x 1-4 moles
1-3 mm  diameter
x 5-9 Moles
1-3 mm  diameter
x 10-14 Moles
1-3 mm  diameter
x 15-19 Moles
1-3 mm  diameter
x20 Moles and more
4 mm diameter¥7,700-
5 mm diameter¥8,250-
6 mm diameter¥8,800-
7 mm diameter¥9,350-
8 mm diameter¥9,900-
9 mm diameter¥10,450-
10 mm diameter¥11,000-
Histopathological diagnosis
(if necessary)
Tape (S)¥350-
Tape (L)¥650-

For larger moles, please consult with your doctor.
Recurrent moles can be treated at no charge within one year, and for 50 % of the current price thereafter(within 2 years from the last treatment)
The photography before the treatment is required.
The antibiotic ointment will be given after the treatment.