Removal of Warts and Moles

Removal of Warts and Moles

We offer several different removal methods: laser, radio and incision. Our doctor will discuss your concern during consultation and recommend the best method suited to you. Please ask our doctor for further information.

Wart removal  (less than 3 mm in diameter)

Per wartTotal
1-4 warts¥4,400¥4,400~¥17,600
5-9 warts¥3,630¥18,150~¥32,670
10 warts¥3,300¥33,000

*3,300JPY is charged per wart (less than 3mm diameter), if the treatment is more than 10 warts removal.

*If warts are 4mm or more in diameter, the same price is applied as mole removal. Please refer to mole removal price list as below.

*Incision operation is performed for more than 10mm warts in diameter.

Mole removal

Per moleTotal
1-3 mm  diameter
x 1-4 moles
1-3 mm  diameter
x 5-9 moles
1-3 mm  diameter
x 10-14 moles
1-3 mm  diameter
x 15-19 moles
1-3 mm  diameter
x20 moles
4 mm diameter¥7,700-
5 mm diameter¥8,250-
6 mm diameter¥8,800-
7 mm diameter¥9,350-
8 mm diameter¥9,900-
9 mm diameter¥10,450-
10 mm diameter¥11,000-
Histopathological diagnosis
(if necessary)
Tape (S)¥350-
Tape (L)¥650-

*4,180JPY is charged per mole (less than 3mm diameter), if the treatment is more than 20 moles removal.
*Recurrent moles are treated without any charge within 1 year.

*Half of regular price is charged for recurrent mole removal treatment from 1 year after the initial treatment within 2 years.

*Before the treatment, photography is required for recording purpose.

*An antibiotic ointment is prescribed after the treatment.

*For larger moles, please consult with your doctor.

<Side effects/risks>
Treatment scars, skin indentations, recurrence, etc.

Incision operation

DiameterPer wart or mole

*A maximum width is measured for wart and mole removal treatment.