PICO Laser (enLIGHTenⅢ)

Pico Laser Treatment

PICO Laser is an effective treatment for improving brown spots, freckles and melasma, reducing pores and the appearance of acne scars, improving skin texture rejuvenation and more.

Also, it shows great results for tattoo removal. PICO Laser’s multiple wavelengths and pulse durations effectively remove unwanted tattoos in fewer sessions than other laser technologies – even those resistant to traditional treatments. Le Coquelicot introduces Enlighten Ⅲ, produced by Cutera Inc. and approved by FDA and MHLW.

PICO Laser Toning

PICO Laser Toning is a state-of -the -art laser technology that can pulsate at frequency of one pulse every trillionth of a second (a picosecond duration), creating energy in shock wave technique rather than intense heat. This ultra-short pulse laser breaks down pigmentation into much smaller fragments and they are removed by the skin’s immune system naturally.  PICO Laser Toning allows for more precise targeting of pigmentation without damaging surrounding tissue by heat. This laser also stimulates collagen and elastin production improving skin tone and texture.

PICO Laser Toning

1 session3 sessions6 sessions
Standard (SD)¥27,500¥66,000
(1 session ¥22,000)
(1 session ¥19,250)
Special (SP)¥55,000¥132,000
(1 session ¥44,000)
(1 session ¥38,500)

PICO Genesis

1 session3 sessions6 sessions
Standard (SD)¥18,700¥46,530
(1 session ¥15,510)
(1 session ¥14,025)
Special (SP)¥37,400¥93,390
(1 session ¥31,130)
(1 session ¥28,050)

PICO Fractional Laser

1 session3 sessions6 sessions
Standard (SD)¥38,500¥98,175
(1 session ¥32,725)
(1 session ¥26,950)
Special (SP)¥71,500¥182,325
(1 session ¥60,775)
(1 session ¥50,050)

Removal of Brown Spots

Diameter 0.5 cm¥5,500
Diameter 1.0 cm¥11,000
Diameter 1.5 cm¥16,500
Diameter 2.0 cm¥22,000

〈Side effects/Risks〉
Pain, sensation of heat, erythema, inflammation, depigmentation, exacerbation of melasma, worsening of acne, folliculitis, petechiae

Removal of Tattoos

Traditional laser technologies are only able to react to limited colors such as black, brown and red, not providing enough effect for multicolor tattoos. On the other hand, PICO Laser adjusts to control three wavelengths to remove a variety of colorful tattoos such as red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, brown, black, etc. The ultra-short pulses of PICO Laser are able to shatter the pigment ink in your skin, allowing it to be eliminated naturally by the body’s immune system. It achieves your desired results in fewer sessions than other laser technologies.

Removal of Tattoos

SizePrice per sessionOne year pass
diameter 1.0 cm¥11,000¥55,000
diameter 2.0 cm¥22,000¥110,000
diameter 3.0 cm¥33,000¥165,000
diameter 4.0 cm¥44,000¥220,000
diameter 5.0 cm¥55,000¥275,000
diameter 10.0 cm¥110,000¥550,000
diameter 20.0 cm¥220,000¥1,100,000

〈Side effects/Risks〉
Redness, bleeding, internal bleeding, swelling, pigmentation, burns, bumps, scars, blisters, depigmentation, scaling